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Dick Morris Spins McClellan Book As Part Of Some Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Involving Media Matters and MoveOn

Reported by Ellen - May 30, 2008 -

Dick Morris was on Hannity & Colmes last night (5/29/08) talking about, among other things, Scott McClellan’s new memoir about the Bush administration. Morris adopted many of the right-wing talking points springing up in the media. But he also took them one step further by asserting that interest in the book was “cooked up” by the left-wing news machine, such as Media Matters and MoveOn, in order to become dominant players in the campaign. With video.

Morris, who parlayed his own firing by the Clintons into a cushy FOX News gig as a "former Clinton advisor" who can always be counted on to bash the Clintons, conveniently left out the "McClellan is a disgruntled ex-employee" meme out of his criticisms.

Morris described McClellan’s book as “a book by somebody who didn’t know very much that doesn’t say very much... In terms of the book, what does it say? It says that Bush used propaganda to sell the Iraq war. Well, the Gettysburg Address was to sell the Civil War. It’s what presidents do.”

Actually, the books says that the administration didn’t just try to sell the war, they misled the American public about the reasons for it. Morris conveniently ignored that fact.

Morris continued, “(The book) says there was conspiring (in the White House) on the Valerie Plame affair. The attorney that led the investigation has concluded that other than a cover-up there was no crime committed because the person that leaked the information didn’t know that she was doing covert activity."

Truth: Prosecutor Fitzgerald said he could not determine whether the leak constituted a crime because Scooter Libby’s false testimony prevented him from ascertaining the evidence.

Morris concluded, “The thing that is important about this book, and vitally important about it, is it shows that the left-wing news machine – Media Matters, MoveOn, is going to manufacture scandal and media and become a dominant player in this campaign, which it’s never been before... This is cooked up by the liberal media that took a book that’s basically benign and they made it venomous because they want to have an equivalent of Richard Clarke’s book in 2008.”

Hmm, if the liberal media were so interested in influencing the campaign wouldn’t they have “cooked up” a book about McCain instead of the lame duck president?