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Fox News: Gas Prices and Barack Obama - "Arrogant Environmentalists are a Pain in the @SS!"

Reported by Melanie - May 29, 2008 -

Read (I mean it - know the dark side of the GOP's 2008 campaign strategy) the "Common Sense editorial" Neil Cavuto, Fox's "business news" hack delivered today: "'Arrogant' Environmentalists Love to Preach, But Do They Feel the Pain at the Pump?

Here are some of the chyrons you won't see in the print version:

"'Arrogant' Environmentalists Think High Gas Prices Teach a Lesson."

"'Arrogant' Environmentalists Don't Feel Pain at the Pump."

"'Arrogant' Environmentalists Loving High Gas Prices."

"'Arrogant' Environmentalists Are a Pain in the @SS!"

Comment: The GOP, with Fox's help, is weaving a web about gas prices; blaming them on Barack Obama and Democrats, who they're painting as tree hugging, "elite," latte drinking environmentalist who could care less about suffering, average Americans -- "the folks" Fox is, ah,"looking out for."

Granted, that meme is secondary to Fox's fave, the one about parsing each and every word any religious leader who came within ten feet of Obama uttered in his or her lifetime but, stay tuned.