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FOX Finds New Reverend To Hang Around Obama's Neck

Reported by Deborah - May 29, 2008 -

Today, 5/29/08 on FOX Election HQ, Megyn Kelly announced breaking bad news for Barack Obama for the second time this week. It seems that Reverend Michael Pfleger visited Obama's church on Sunday and did a flamboyant routine mocking Hillary Clinton. Kelly and Hemmer did their best to spin the incident into a major scandal but were forced to report that Pfleger had already apologized and Obama immediately distanced himself from the incident.

The breaking news might have come straight from Michelle Malkin who joyfully posted the video earlier this afternoon. Malkin has been busy this week organizing a boycott of Dunkin Doughnuts because she didn't like Rachel Ray's scarf in their ad.

Hoping this was going to be a really big deal, Kirsten Powers and Ralph Reed were on hand to discuss the potential damage. Reed went to town bringing back all the Wright talking points while Kelly egged him on. Kirsten Powers stated the obvious that the incident had nothing to do with Obama.

Later on when Monica Crowley predicted that Hillary Clinton was planning to postpone her campaign until the convention, Bill Hemmer added "in the event that Obama steps in a big pile of you know what." You can bet that FOX News will keep searching for the best and biggest pile.