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O'Reilly spins Clinton

Reported by Chrish - May 28, 2008 -

Introducing his Top Story tonight 5/27/08, Bill O'Reilly announced "Last week Hillary CLinton announced she was staying in the race because anything could happen!" Except, of course, that's not what she said or meant. But O'Reilly just wants to fan the flames and introduced FOX News AnalystTammy Bruce and Jehmu Greene, Democratic strategist, to discuss.

O'Reilly played the video of Clinton's recent statement, and also played video of Mike Huckabee's tasteless joke at an NRA meeting. O'Reilly referenced, briefly, Liz Trotta's joke on FOX air about assassinating Osama and Obama, but did not play that clip, like a good company man.

Bruce was critical of Clinton, saying the comment was revealing and her excuse afterwards was inadequate, but acknowledged that the media coverage was overdone, and that Clinton's gotten a bad deal from the media. She also said, twice, that the liberal media has had a death wish for Bush and Cheney for the past seven years and have set the tone. (What?!?) She allowed that she admires Clinton's tenacity, and she could move on if it was just deemed tastelss, but the media coverage has been excessive at this point. (Yet there she is. Everyone wants to get their opinions heard, which feeds these programs.)

Greene, a Clinton supporter, of course defended the comments and repeatedly put them into context, which O'Reilly resisted. In fact, he insisted that she meant that Obama might be assassinated and she'd be waiting and ready to assume the nomination. Why else would she reference that event? Greene answered that it was only meant to be used as a timeline, to explain her refusal to drop out of the race and point out that it is not unprecedented to go into June.

O'Reilly said that assassination should not be mentioned at all because it brings it back to the attention of nuts, who are more numerous because of the Internet. "In this climate, you can't do that."

Bruce said that conservatives, morally, have a different standard and will not fall into the trap of following the standard the left has set with the death wishes for Bush and Cheney. Again, what?!?

In the last seconds, however, she agreed with greene that Clinton has been getting a lot of media misrepresentation and over-reactions. I guess sisterhood IS powerful.

O'Reilly was spinning his head off, trying to put words in Clinton's mouth and ulterior motives in her heart. I wonder how she feels about giving him that interview now?