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Neil Cavuto Accuses Obama Supporter of "Talking Stupid Political Points"

Reported by Melanie - May 28, 2008 -

You got it. Today (May 28, 2008), on Fox's "premiere business news" show, host Neil Cavuto accused Democratic strategist and Barack Obama supporter Malia Lazu of "talking stupid political points" when she stuck to her belief that the US must "get off of oil, period" and develop alternative sources of energy. (Cavuto wants us to drill, drill, drill.)

Cavuto accused Lazu of being an "elite environmentalist" who sits around "sipping lattes" while "a lot of Americans" are saying that gas prices are "killin' me in the wallet." She insisted that we must find alternative sources but when she didn't cave, Cavuto ended the segment with, "Alright. You know what? We're not going anywhere because you're just talking stupid political points."

Talk about political points -- check out the chyron Fox ran at the bottom of the screen:


Looks like the Cavuto mark is melting into an exclamation mark.

Here's video of Cavuto's "latte," "environmentalist," "talking stupid political points" remark:

Comment: Hah! This is Fox News folks, the political points channel, complaining about "talking stupid political points." That immediately after its anchor tried to score "political points" by evoking one of its favorite political points, Hollywood-loving, San Francisco latte drinking, Berkinstock wearing, tree-hugging, hairy, liberal, feminist, tree hugging environmentalist -- who want you to suffer high gas prices so they can coo at cute little Polar bear cubs. Aaaaarrrraaaaah! It's crazy making.