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FOX News Pundit Says Obama Would Look Like A Stagehand Next To McCain

Reported by Ellen - May 28, 2008 -

Chalk up Kevin Madden, former aide to Mitt Romney and regular Hannity & Colmes guest, as the latest FOX News pundit to make a racially insulting remark about Barack Obama. In a Hannity & Colmes discussion last night (5/27/08) about John McCain’s invitation to Obama to visit Iraq together, Madden said, “I’ll tell you why (Obama) doesn’t want to go.... He would look like a stagehand standing next to (John McCain).” An astounded Alan Colmes suggested Madden apologize but he did not. With video.

Madden, who looks young enough to be serving in the military but isn’t, called Iraq “the most important theater in the war against terrorism.” He and chickenhawk Sean Hannity extolled the glorious success of our military operation there that Obama, according to them, is too naïve to understand.

The Democratic guest, Bob Beckel acknowledged the surge has brought about some success but asked, “To what end? I mean, what is victory? That’s the thing nobody – McCain can’t explain.” Neither of the war cheerleaders answered.

Near the end of the segment, Madden piped up with what seemed like a pre-planned line. “I’ll tell you why (Obama) doesn’t want to go. ‘Cause John McCain’s gonna go there and he would look like a Commander in Chief and Barack Obama will look like a stagehand standing next to him.”

Colmes said, “A stagehand? A stagehand, Kevin?”

“Yes,” Madden calmly responded.

“You want to correct that?” Colmes asked.

Madden did not answer.