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Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris Worried About Losing Their Jobs

Reported by Deborah - May 28, 2008 -

After Bill O'Reilly dismissed Scott McClellan's book as no big thing, he, of course, blamed the "left wing media" for embracing it. When Dick Morris appeared, he immediately tapped into BOR's paranoid fixation, talking ominously about an "activated left wing media" growing since 1996 and now "ready to control." 5/28/08

O'Reilly greeted Morris with the observation about McClellan's book, " Something is in the air." That was the only cue Morris needed to go off on one of his theory babbles. Noting there was a "big difference", Morris said an "activated left wing media is sharply putting out a message that the MSM is picking up". He claimed it started in 1996 when Moveon.org was formed during the Clinton impeachment and has been growing and now it is about " to debut" and "ready to control". Morris, sounding like he was pitching a horror film, continued with his important theory. In the past, he noted, it was just random liberal reporters shading their stories but now it's the "entire industry".

O'Reilly, yearning for the good old days, commented that up until 2004 the right had talk radio and the left had TV and print but now talk radio won't "rally" behind John McCain.( In other words the echo chamber is ineffective) He worried that "Independents would be overwhelmed by the pro-Obama message".

Morris claimed " liberals will use their victory to destroy conservative media". BOR agreed that they were after him and would go after FOX and talk radio. Morris warned BOR, they will be "closing you down."