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Neil Cavuto Compares George Bush to Abraham Lincoln

Reported by Melanie - May 27, 2008 -

Almost every day, at the end of his show, Fox's "business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, reads several pieces of mail. Today (May 27, 2008) he read one criticizing him for the interview he did with George Bush last Friday. The writer, identified as "L.J. via Internet," wrote: "Yo Neil, your interview with that idiot on the lawn made me sick. I though you were gonna kneel before the king. Why do you continue to admire this goof when the world in general has dumped him!"

Cavuto responded, "As if the world is such an expert L.J. The same world that trashed Ronald Reagan and Harry Truman and once said of Abraham Lincoln, 'foolish bumpkin in over his head.' I've learned a thing or two about the wisdom of the world or the wisdom of the moment. So should you."

Could it be that Bush's 28% consists solely of Fox employees and their immediate families?