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Fox Sends a Lie About Barack Obama Out Into the Ether

Reported by Melanie - May 27, 2008 -

Eight minutes into his show today (May 27, 2008), Neil Cavuto (the anchor of Fox's "premiere business news" show) returned from a break and immediately went to a clip of Barack Obama saying, "People are changing their behavior and we're seeing a slump in the sales of SUV's and big trucks and a drastic spike in cars, both medium size and small."

The camera returned to Cavuto who said, "Well, Barack Obama finding the sunny side of these high gas prices, is he actually rooting for them too?"

Cavuto then introduced Mike Papantonio, who was identified as a radio talk show host and an Obama supporter. Launching the discussion, Cavuto began with, "What I got out of Obama's comments recently, including these most recent on energy, is that this is a constructive development. Higher prices might compel auto makers to make more fuel efficient cars but that's kind of the environmentalists' rant, that this will teach us a lesson and even if you're driving 50, 60 miles a day, it's going to be a pain in the butt but it's for your betterment. I just think that's condescending."

With that, Cavuto went on and on (andon) about the need to drill — the argument he's been stuck on for months now though he softens it by saying that we need to include all possible sources. Papantonio argued for weaning ourselves from oil dependence altogether, citing Denmark and Iceland as examples of countries that began that journey in the l970's and are now energy independent. It was the same discussion you've heard a hundred times.

This is the chyron Fox ran during a good part of the segment:


Comment: Now, what do you suppose Fox's audience took away from the segment after looking at that for two minutes? And the whole thing was predicated on Obama's statement of fact that people are buying fewer SUV's and big trucks. Fox viciously turned that into Obama is rooting for higher gas prices. Voila! A lie is born. I can almost see the headlines on Free Republic and Newsmax now.