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FOX Choreographs New Obama Attack Over Nothing

Reported by Deborah - May 27, 2008 -

Megyn Kelly told viewers, 5/27/08, it was a FOX exclusive claiming that a comment Barack Obama made about the Holocaust could turn out to be his "snipergate". Terry Holt joined with Bill Hemmer for the actual report trying to spin Obama's simple error into a major political event. Hemmer opined gravely that it was the " kind of thing to stop Obama from getting the White House".

While trying to make a point about better care for vets coming home with emotional issues, Obama told a story about his Uncle who was part of the first troops to liberate Auschwitz and when he arrived home he retreated emotionally for six months.

So what was the major crime that could cost him the White House? It turns out that it was his "Great Uncle" not Uncle and it was Buchenwald instead of Auschwitz. However, before Hemmer revealed the insignificance of the mistake, he encouraged Holt to rip up Obama by acting as if it was a major lie.

Hemmer asked Holt, " Why do they fall into these traps?" Holt compared Obama to Gore saying Gore lost the election because of his exaggerations. Of course he brought up the old " invented the internet" garbage complaining that "politicians make things up". He declared, "This could disqualify him."

Regina Calcaterra reminded Holt that Gore didn't lose and the election was decided by the Supreme Court. Holt responded with a snide chuckle noting that Democrats can't let that go.

Hemmer decided that he should tell the whole story and acknowledged that Obama's family had released a statement declaring their pride for his Great Uncle who had been at Buchenwald liberating survivors.Holt continued to paint Obama as a liar ignoring Calcaterra's claims that it wasn't a "fabrication."

comment: It's hard to believe that Holt was willing to make such a complete ass of himself and Hemmer was right their enabling the whole thing. Sadly, Holt doesn't care how he looks as long as he's able to draw some fresh Obama blood.