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Fox Praises John McCain's Memorial Day Speech; Says Obama is a Flip Flopper Because of His

Reported by Melanie - May 26, 2008 -

Campaign Carl Cameron filed a report this afternoon (May 26, 2008) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto during which he couldn't say enough about the wonderfulness of John McCain. Over a chyron that read, "McCain, Obama Make Dueling Memorial Day Speeches in New Mexico," Cameron said McCain did "a little bit of politicking," but he quickly got to the meat of his report by telling the audience about the "honor and the valor that [McCain] pours on his fellow former soldiers" reminding them that McCain, "of course," is "a 24-year veteran of the US military and served as a POW in Vietnam."

Cameron said McCain didn't mention Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton by name, but he did "warn that it would be catastrophic if the United States were to pull out of Iraq prematurely. McCain argues that it would lead to civil war in Iraq and that would largely engulf the entire region, bringing in other countries and more severely jeopardizing US national security because of the conflagration he predicts would take place in the absence of a US strong force in Iraq after the war."

Immediately following Cameron's, ah, report, the chyron changed to, "Controversy Over Obama's Memorial Day Statement About Troops."

Substitute host Brenda Buttner read this quote from Obama's "controversial" (Fox is obviously trying to start something here) speech:

So, on this day, of all days, let's memorialize our fallen heroes by honoring all who wear our country's uniform; and by completing their work to make America more secure and our world more free.

Introducing her two guests, Buttner said, "Now, isn't Obama the guy who wants to yank our troops from Iraq? My next guest says surrendering isn't exactly completing their work." When these guys lie about Obama's plans, when the truth is so easy to find, it can't be called anything but propaganda.

Princella Smith of AmericanSolutions.com went first, asking whether Obama has even been to Iraq in the last four years. She apparently doesn't mind looking like an idiot any more than Buttner does because that information is also readily available: He was there in January, 2006. Smith went on with the usual GOP talking points about how we can't negotiate with terrorists, blah, blah, blah.

Marissa Shorenstein argued on behalf of Obama (two against one). She said he advocates a "slow, steady removal" of troops. Buttner, again wrong on the facts and - "fair and balanced, arguing on behalf of the GOP - said, "Well, not so long. I mean, he wants to get'em out." Shorenstein said that actually, he wants to be more aggressive at going after Usamah bin Laden.

Back to Smith, again totally uninformed as to Obama's position, who said he was "playing politics" (whereas, per Cameron in the prior segment, McCain only does a "little bit" of that), and wasn't he the one who said "we need to immediately withdraw?" (How freakin' hard is it to check Obama's website? Will a time ever come when the wingers care about their credibility, not to mention their integrity? And their defenders? They beat us over the head at the tiniest mistake. Leave out a comma? They'll catch it and say we're deliberately misreporting things. But that does not apply to them, of course.)

Back to Schorenstein who said it was the Bush administration that was playing politics when claiming that things are going so well in Iraq. If that's the case, she asked, why can't we start withdrawing our troops?

Buttner, - "fair and balanced" and again ready to defend the administration - said, "Well, that's not exactly right. It's going well because they are there." Schoerenstein said maybe (rather than re-asking whether that isn't about a whole lotta spin and "playing politics" on the part of the administration), but concluded by saying that Obama's speech was about supporting our troops "and it's really unfair to say that that's not what his position is."

Comment: So true. So true. But that was precisely the purpose of the segment: to imply that Barack Obama is a flip flopper (a word Buttner used when promoting the segment) and he doesn't support the troops. It's all about politickin' folks and of course, Fox is politickin' for McCain.