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FOX Distorts Obama's Wesleyan Commencement Speech

Reported by Deborah - May 26, 2008 -

Barack Obama, filling in for Ted Kennedy at Wesleyan University commencement, urged graduates to serve their country telling them to look beyond material gains and work for "our collective salvation". Tammy Bruce, on America's Election HQ, said his "hypocrisy was astounding" and although the speech wasn't shown, continue to distort and diminish Obama's message.

Bruce told Bill Hemmer that she and her radio audience don't like any of the candidates adding that they expect to be busy for the next four years suggesting she'll have someone to destroy no matter who reaches the White House.

Bruce said Obama's speech was about the "poverty of ambition" claiming he urged graduates not to pursue the American dream. Bruce claimed Obama's " hypocrisy was astounding" since he was running for President. Bruce's distortion was so great that Hemmer disagreed with her saying that he heard Obama tell grads to "give back".Bruce ignored Hemmer and continued to advance the notion that Obama was urging graduates to sacrifice ambition and material security for service.

Unfortunately, viewers had no idea what Obama really said and Hemmer did nothing beyond his small objection to reveal the truth. Hemmer didn't even mention that Ted Kennedy's career of public service inspired Obama's speech which was a loving tribute to his friend and mentor.