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Prediction: Come 1-20-09, Fox "Business News" Will Stop Using 9/11 as an Excuse for our Tanking Economy

Reported by Melanie - May 24, 2008 -

Yesterday (May 23, 2008), Neil Cavuto interviewed George Bush, who tried to sell Fox's audience on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Bookending that sales job, Cavuto ended his show with a segment featuring Democratic srategist Julia Piscitelli and "independent trader" (and Fox "Business" Network employee), Eric Bolling. The chyron led viewers to believe that the topic was the "Farm Bill" but in reality, it was, again, about "free trade" with Columbia.

Cavuto and Bolling argued in favor. Piscitelli was given the last word. As Cavuto nodded his head, dismissing and hurrying her, she said, "NAFTA has not solved the problems. NAFTA came before we went into this. What we're now heading into, a lot of people say, is a deep recession and we started with a surplus when we got Bush and now we're in a huge deficit and that's what we really need to focus on."

Never fear, Georgie Porgie! Cavuto's there to rescue you: "Alright, we had this little thing called 9/11 on the way..." but thank you and have a great weekend.

Here's the video:

Comment: Unfortunately, Piscitelli said, "There was that," instead of, I THINK THE METER RAN OUT ON THAT EXCUSE ABOUT FOUR YEARS AGO. Anyway, if a Democrat wins in November I predict that as of 12:01 a.m. ET on 1-20-09, Fox "News" will drop 9/11 as an excuse for all that ails us. As of that moment, whatever happens will instantaneously be the president's fault. Seven+ year reprieves? ROFLMAO.