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McCain and Hagee - Major News. Not So Much On Special Report

Reported by Priscilla - May 23, 2008 -

Yesterday, John McCain repudiated the presidential endorsement of Pastor John Hagee. Both CNN and MSNBC treated this development as a major news story in featuring it as a "lead" on their late afternoon news shows. The reports summarized McCain's involvement with Hagee as well as several of Hagee's controversial quotes including the most recent one which precipitated McCain's action. Fox News, though, follows a different drummer (Roger Ailes) and it came as no suprise that the McCain/Hagee thing was no big deal for Fox News whose coverage of this was almost an afterthought.

Last night's (May 23rd) Special Report got around to mentioning Hagee about 10 minutes in and after several other stories. Brit Hume summarized how McCain is ditching Hagee after the recent revelation of the Hitler was sent by God to "hunt" the Jews quote (which Hume did not show). Hume chuckled as though this was just some crazy thing that your crazy old uncle said at the dinner table. Total time for this story - 25 seconds. And to reinforce how non important this was, it was not presented to the panel for follow up discussion.

Comment: So on Fox News, Hagee is dismissed as just a silly fool whom the sage and pious John McCain has renounced. Not mentioned was the fact that McCain actively sought this endorsement for a year. Not mentioned were the other nasty things that Hagee has said. But you have to admit that Fox finally mentioned Hagee - unlike the constant, ad nauseum, "reporting" on and discussion of Jeremiah Wright and Trinity Church. But Fox has its priorities and Hagee is not one of them. Not all pastors, for Fox News, are created equal!