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Jesse Ventura Takes Surprise Swipe at McCain on FOX Election HQ

Reported by Deborah - May 23, 2008 -

Jesse Ventura, plugging his book, "Don't Start The Revolution Without Me" on America's Election HQ, touched a nerve with a comment about John McCain's age. Gregg Jarrett seemed to be enjoying the former Governor's spirited rejection of both parties until Ventura noted that McCain was legally too old to get a job in the federal government.

Ventura told Jarrett, " I have no one to vote for" adding that there should be a way to vote for "none of the above" to show a vote of " no confidence in my government."

Jarrett was still amused urging Ventura to jump into the race noting that he called the candidates "a carpetbagger and a chickenhawk". Although Jarrett seemed to be encouraging him to elaborate with zingers for both McCain and Obama, Ventura focused on only McCain making Jarrett really uncomfortable.

Brushing off Jarrett's dare to jump in and "do something about it", Ventura had an observation about McCain age. "Our Republican candidate John McCain could not apply and get a job in the federal government today because there's a double standard, one standard for elite politicians and one standard for us the public." When he noted that John McCain can run for President while the mandatory retirement age is 65, Jarrett nervously jumped in with, " There's a lot of silly laws" but Ventura came back at him.

Jarrett filled the rest of the segment with dismissive comments and facial expressions in an effort to brand Ventura a nut. Here's the video.