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O'Reilly substitutes all conservative

Reported by Chrish - May 22, 2008 -

Just a little programming note: Bill O'Reilly's been on vacation from the Factor since last Friday, 5/16, when E.D. Hill filled in for him.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Laura Ingraham subbed, and tonight 5/22/08 E.D. is back.

If BillO was truly independent and FOX News was truly fair and balanced, we should have seen Rachel Maddow or Arianna Huffington or Paul Begala sitting in a few nights - you know, unabashed liberals to counter the unabashed "conservatives," to give O'Reilly's viewers fits another point of view straight from the source, no spin. But these three and likeminded people have instead been demonized and insulted by His Independenceness.

If you'll recall, last year before the big break-up with Michelle Malkin, she was his regular substitute, with an occasional appearance by (former Republican Congressman) John Kasich, Tony Snow, and Geraldo Rivera.

Let's face it: people tune in to the Factor for their nightly dose of misdirected outrage, self-righteous bombast, and Republican Talking Points. And FOX and O'Reilly want to make sure to deliver, to prevent the flock from straying and to keep their holy ratings.