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Neil Cavuto Devotes 41 Seconds to the Breaking News About John McCain "Rejecting" John Hagee

Reported by Melanie - May 22, 2008 -

At 4:23 p.m. ET this afternoon (May 22, 2008), Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, returned from a commercial break and announced that John McCain had "rejected" the endorsement of Reverend John Hagee.

There was no Fox News Alert. There was no hastily-arranged roundtable discussion about whether it was a "genuine" rejection or whether it will "be enough" to protect McCain from further damage. There were no questions about whether he put "enough" distance between himself and Hagee. There was no rehash of Hagee's controversial comments so no one would forget them. There were no calls for a "real" denunciation (and a speech in Philadelphia). As a matter of fact, Cavuto hasn't covered the Hagee controversy so this announcement must have left his audience scratching its collective head.

The psychologists and mind benders at Fox had to have worked on the wording of this thing because it's hard to know who "withdrew" or "rejected" whom, and the way it has been sanitized is amazing.

Here's what Cavuto said (41 second video below):

"Alright. Republican presidential candidate John McCain has rejected the endorsement of that fellow [picture of Hagee on screen]. He's Texas evangelist John Hagee who had been very critical of the Catholic church ah, essentially saying that it was a dying institution and that its followers were lemmings.

"Ah, Hagee apparently seemed to understand that all this was going to be happening. He issued a statement saying that I hope that Senator McCain will accept this withdrawal so that I may focus on the issues that are most important to America and the world.

"So, again, the McCain camp trying not to have a Jeremiah Wright situation on its hand.

"There you go."

Comment: And I'm sure that is that as far as Cavuto and Hagee are concerned. Unless something unforeseen happens, Cavuto's audience will never hear John Hagee's name again. They'll never hear about his rant about Nazis and Jews. They'll only know that he said something about those cute little lemmings that wasn't very nice.

41 seconds folks. That compared to the (at least) two weeks Neil Cavuto - Mr. Fox "Business News" - false advertising if ever there was any - spent on Rev. Jeremiah Wright.