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Morris: Obama not "normal" Democratic candidate

Reported by Chrish - May 22, 2008 -

There was some genuine disagreement on The O'Reilly Factor last night 5/21/08, with Dick Morris and Laura Ingraham getting a bit heated about the Democratic primary. As host Ingraham interrupted and overtalked Morris, he continued to speak and finally, after repeated dominations, demanded she let him finish.
With video.

Ingraham began the segment responding to Morris' shock at her apparent backing of Clinton, in the TPM preceding, saying Democrats would be crazy to not run the more centrist candidate. She said he'll lose not just KY, TN and WV but also PA and OH, but Morris disagreed. He continued that Obama would additionally be more likely to win NC, SC, LA, AL, GA, MS, and FL than "any normal Democratic candidate" because of the huge black vote.

Morris also disagreed with Ingraham's characterization of Obama as being more to the left of Clinton, saying on some issues (taxes, Iraq) he is but not on others (crime, illegal immigration, and education).

Ingraham also pursued her framing of Obama as bent on surrendering America's sovereignty (which she began in Monday night's TPM, having a hissy fit over his conservation stance), saying that's the change he's going to pursue.

Asked why MoveOn.org endorsed Obama over Clinton, Morris speculated that it was more of a Dean vs. Ickes vote. His final opinion was that Clinton is winning the primaries for one reason: race.

So there were two points of view (fair and balanced style); one conservative down on Obama, and the other conservative down on Clinton, arguing over which Democrat is further left.