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FOX Not Sure How To Handle McCain's Lame Appearance on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Reported by Deborah - May 22, 2008 -

John McCain, trying to convince voters he's a regular guy, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
When Ellen bluntly asked him about gay marriage, McCain really blew it looking bad to people on both sides of the issue. Tonight, 5/22/08, on The O'Reilly Factor, E.D. Hill and Margaret Hoover tried to make it look like a victory for McCain but it didn't work.

Margaret Hoover thought it was "genius to go on" because it helped to dispel his image as an "angry white man." (interesting that "white" was the adjective chosen) Hoover continued, " we may categorize it as a liberal show but the rest of the country watches it. "

E.D. Hill didn't quite know where to go with it after sheepishly admitting that she watches Ellen. Hoover noted, " I happen to agree with her" adding that she would love to see Republicans return to the party supporting freedom for " individuals" which they did in the past. Then she cited Teddy Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover (her grandfather) as examples.

Hoover opined that people like Obama because he's real to them so it's important for McCain to go on these programs. Then she kind of suggested that McCain didn't do too well on Ellen and needs to be more careful under media scrutiny. " Look at George Allen" she warned.

McCain's poor performance was avoided during the segment. When Ellen DeGeneres wanted to engage in debate on the issue, McCain looked uncomfortable and unwilling to articulate his position. Here's a video from Brave New Films about McCain's positions on the issue.