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Now Doocy is "steamed" at Olbermann

Reported by Chrish - May 21, 2008 -

Yesterday morning 5/20/08 Steve Doocy was "steamed" at Keith Olbermann for making his son the "Worst Person" winner - back on May 5. It was convenient to bring it up yesterday, however, as the Friends attempted to keep alive the story of the White House's criticism of NBC/MSNBC, which we've noted dovetails perfectly with Bill O'Reilly/FOX News/News Corp's ongoing feud. RawStory has the video and transcript.

Just a couple of comments: Karl Rove and others on FOX have been defending the attacks on Michelle Obama's patriotism as fair game because she's been making speeches in support of her husband; she's allegedly made herself a public figure by "creating issues," although any thinking person recognizes that it's the media who has created "issues." It's hypocritical to say she's fair game and then cry that L'il Doocy isn't. He's involved himself in the political process as well and was criticized for asking leading questions, which were aired on FOX News.

But "he's just a kid in college, and he is asleep right now as I talk about him. But here's the thing. Where does a kid like him go? He has no forum," according to Doocy.

What? He has FOX News, thanks to pop. He got a national platform to spread his propaganda jr. and he needs to take the consequences.

And it is really galling that Doocy talks about him like a small child when most of the troops fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan are his son's age. "Just a kid"? I think Doocy insulted him worse than Olbermann - at least Olbermann treated him like an adult.

This is just another slap at MSNBC in the ratings-grabbing feud between O'Reilly/Olbermann, Ailes/Capus, another drip in the bucket of abusive "don't trust anyone but us" manipulation.