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Manmade Global Warming Denied by 3200 “Scientists”?

Reported by Priscilla - May 21, 2008 -

As I have noted, the “Grapevine” on Fox’s “Special Report” is a place for rightwing sound bites, presented as fact, to those with short attention spans. As propaganda, these sound bites are constantly regurgitated, bringing new meaning to the term “ad-nauseum.” One of the themes being communicated, on a regular, basis is the denial of global warming as a problem. To support this view, Fox frequently mentions those whose “science” appears to be partisan and out of the mainstream. Monday night’s (May 19th) Grapevine was a classic example.

Brit Hume discussed how the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine “announced that more than 3,000 scientists have signed a petition rejecting the theory that humans are causing catastrophic global warming. The list of signers features scientists from all disciplines, including physics, climate research, mathematics and engineering. It has more than nine thousand scientists with PhDs.” The chyron, under a photo of smokestacks belching God only knows how many pollutants, read “Reasonable Doubt.” Hume went on to say that “the institute says the large number of signers contradicts the claim that there is a scientific consensus about human responsibility for climate change. And, it points out the petition has more than 15 times as many scientists as the number involved in the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

Comment: Why golly gosh, gee whiz that sure does sound impressive with all those scientists with impressive credentials – ya think? Well, think again because the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, according to Source Watch, “describes itself as a “small research institute” that studies "biochemistry, diagnostic medicine, nutrition, preventive medicine and the molecular biology of aging." It is headed by Arthur B. Robinson, an eccentric scientist who has a long history of controversial entanglements with figures on the fringe of accepted research. OISM also markets a home-schooling kit for "parents concerned about socialism in the public schools" and publishes books on how to survive nuclear war.” Petitions are nothing new for them because in 1998 they circulated a “deceptive "scientists' petition" on global warming in collaboration with Frederick Seitz, a retired former president of the National Academy of Sciences.” Arthur Robinson, the founder of the Oregon Institute does “research on protein chemistry and on nutrition and predictive and preventive medicine..” (how about climatology?!) He is is a “signatory to A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism, a petition produced by the Discovery Institute that expresses skepticism about the ability of natural selection to account for the complexity of life, and encouraging careful examination of the evidence for ‘Darwinian theory’.” If you’re really interested in Robinson’s “educational” ideas, you can access an online discussion group called RobinsonUsers4Christ, "for Bible & Trinity-believing, God-fearing, 'Jesus-Plus-Nothing-Else' Christian families who use the Robinson Curriculum to share ideas and to get and give support." So one wonders who these “scientists” are and what subject areas are represented in the PhDs (body language?). But who cares about such details when the object is to present a faux right wing talking point which, in this case, is supported by weird science!