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Lanny Davis lauds FOX, embraces Electoral College

Reported by Chrish - May 21, 2008 -

It seems the Clinton campaign has thoroughly embraced FOX News. Last night 5/20/08 on the O'Reilly Factor, with Laura Ingraham substituting, Lanny Davis lauded FOX for its "fair and balanced" coverage of Hillary Clinton without noting that they've been anything but fair to Barack Obama. He didn't agree with her statement that the media is liberal and favors the most liberal candidate, but he did say that now he now knows how it feels to be a Republican. Good grief.
With video.

Davis was introduced as a Clinton supporter and old friend, as contrasted with the introductions afforded McCain supporter and informal advisor Karl Rove, who is presented on FOX as "former senior advisor to President Bush," "the architect," a "political wizard" and a "famed political consultant."

After praising FOX for finally achieving the "fair and balaced" status they've claimed all these years, he denied that he wanted to complain about the media and only wanted to point out that Clinton ends (the primary season) stronger and Obama ends weaker. (Could it be all that unfair and unbalanced coverage, ya think?) He fears that we'll see a convention nominating the weaker candidate because they feel they have to, and that's not the way to go into the general election. (Most recent polls don't support that frame.)

After a discussion of Clinton's merits, Ingraham brought the focus back to the SCLM (the so-called liberal media), which she insinuated Davis has acknowledged (he hadn't) and asserted as fact that they were "going after" Clinton not because she's a woman but because she's less liberal than Obama, and they want to support the most liberal candidate.

Note that during the discussion of Clinton's merits Ingraham brought up every negative that "the media" has been allegedly harping on, and don't miss the insanity of her calling others "the media" when she is a "radio star" and permanent substitute host of "the number one show in cable 'news.'"

Davis cited the Constitution and the Electoral College in defending that her winning those states should count more than smaller states where Obama has won. There's something wrong with our system, he said, if she has won all the major industrial states from CA to NY, OH, PA, MI, TX, and all the border states, and is not the nominee. Ingraham got in the dig that Clinton used to oppose the Electoral College (at least that's what Ingraham recalls writing in her book on Clinton) and now she's for it, without outright calling it a flip-flop.

The segment began with criticism of "the media" relentlessly calling for Clinton to withdraw, which was characterized as liberal bias, but Ingraham asked several questions herself in that vein - what next?

IF, big IF, she doesn't get the nomination, Davis said she's in Robert Kennedy's Senate seat where she can do more good for the US than any other position she might be in.

It's so disappointing to see Lanny Davis bamboozled, not realizing he's feeding the hand that bites him.