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Colmes And Powers Foil The “Obama Weak On Foreign Policy” Meme

Reported by Ellen - May 21, 2008 -

Another Hannity & Colmes, another night devoted almost entirely to attacking Barack Obama. Last night (5/20/08), Hannity gleefully juxtaposed clips of Obama saying that Iran does not pose a serious threat to the United States along with one in which he called Iran a grave threat. But Kirsten Powers immediately destroyed the smear by pointing out that in the former instance, Obama was comparing Iran to the Soviet Union, with whom the United States held talks. Alan Colmes went on to note that John McCain said we should talk to our enemies before he ridiculed Obama for saying that and that, even worse, McCain had mixed up Sunnis and Shias. Colmes concluded by flummoxing Republican Michael Steele by asking, “With George W. Bush in office for eight years, is Iran less of a threat?” With video.

Go, Alan and Kirsten!