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An Example of Why Democrats Shouldn't Go on Fox

Reported by Melanie - May 21, 2008 -

We are of mixed opinions here at the News Hounds as to whether (or not) Democrats should go on Fox. I am one who thinks they shouldn't. I'm against it because even if the appearance runs smoothly, without repeated interruptions or "trick" questions on Fox's part, Fox will use the appearance, one way or another, against the Democrat who appeared and against Democrats in general.

For example, Megyn Kelly interviewed Barack Obama yesterday and today they're still picking apart what he said. Cavuto hosted Joe Lieberman who criticized Obama for suggesting we - gasp! - talk to Iran. (Remember, back in the day, when the ability to conduct d-i-p-l-o-m-a-c-y was thought of as a positive attribute? A skill? Something we valued?) Another example: Dennis Kucinich appeared on Your World yesterday to talk about how to bring gas prices down. Today, Cavuto read several emails bashing Kucinich: What was this, "freak night?" You forgot to ask him "what kind of fuel the mother ship uses." He needs to be "beamed back to Zolton." And one that compared him to Elmer Fudd.

And then there's this (May 21, 2008). Fox didn't wait until after a Democrat appeared to undermine him — they did it in the chyron while he was live and on screen. You won't see them do this to a Republican. I guarantee it. Haven't seen it in four years.

Cavuto opened his show insinuating that oil topped $133.00 per barrel today because the Senate Judiciary Commitee (as in "Democratically controlled") "grilled" top oil executives:


After a report from Terry Keenan about gasoline prices, Cavuto introduced his first guest, Maryland Democrat, Senator Benjamin Cardin:


The gist of the conversation (Cavuto did most of the talking) was Cavuto advocating for drilling in ANWR and off-shore, and Cardin insisting (1), that oil companies have an obligation to use some of the billions in tax incentives they've been given to help build alternative sources of energy, and (2), that no matter where we get it, oil isn't going to last forever so we must concentrate on developing renewal sources like wind and solar.

Unbeknownst to Cardin (I presume), Fox aired a series of chyrons early in the segment that were designed to undermine Cardin and to turn Fox's audience against him. Here they are:






So, hey, why go on Fox and thus give them fodder to trash you? Never mind the arguments about legitimizing them or exposing their audience to Democratic ideation. Fox will do everything in its power to quash that point of view because that's its mission. They set Cardin up. They made a fool out of him. They didn't give him a chance to explain or respond. They are not fair. They don't want their audience to know what Democrats think or advocate. Democrats, don't go on Fox! If you do, you're cutting your own throat.