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Ingraham defends American excess, says Obama wants to subjugate Americans to foreign approval

Reported by Chrish - May 20, 2008

Laura Ingraham, sitting in for Bill O'Reilly last night 5/19/08 (and tonight and tomorrow, fair and balanced, y'know) did a Talking Points Memo titled "Barack Obama wants you to give up your SUV!" She asserted that his intent to lead the world on global warming translates to surrendering our sovreignity and selling out our civil liberties (whichever few Bush leaves us, that is.) The self-acclaimed "conservative" waxed indignant at the concept of conservationism and displayed the arrogant attitude of entitlement that has hurt our stature in the eyes of the rest of the world.

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After warning of perhaps having to do with smaller cars, less pizza, and warmer a/c temps, she said

"For liberals like Obama, climate change represents their chance to effectively outlaw the American way of life, that's right, something that they've wanted to do for decades."

According to her, liberals don't like that more middle class Americans are living in bigger houses and driving bigger cars or that they eat from stores other than Whole Foods and insinuates that driving a smaller car or turning the thermostat up a couple of degrees will lower our standard of living.

"It is imperative that "conservatives" vigorously and consistently point out that climate change policy are merely part of a larger effort to subjugate the American people, and force them to live under rules and norms that are decided overseas."

She concluded that we need a president who'll work for us, not one who'll demand we "make concessions to foreign powers." In an Obama administration, who'll speak for the people? No one.

Comment: Why are those who wear the biggest crucifixes the ones who advocate raping the Earth in the name of American rights to excess? Liberals are and have been for reductions in consumption for moral and practical reasons, not to please anyone overseas. Many foreign countries are ahead of us in progressive conservation policies, much to our embarrassment. Once again the left is right, and "conservatives" are missing the bus. Literally. Peak Oil is not a liberal conspiracy theory to gain control, it is a scientifically acknowledged (and mathematically inevitable) fact; at some point we will HAVE to alter our consumption and sooner is better than later, to give us time to adapt with minimum inconvenience. Many on the right are in denial and desperate.

And where was the right's concern for civil liberties when the Bush administration OK'ed torture and warrantless wiretapping and set up "free speech zones" and video cameras on every corner? Getting 10 mpg is a civil right, but protesting your elected officials or Bush isn't? If anyone can be accused of destroying civil liberties and crippling the middle class it's this administration.

Note: Even though Bill O'Reilly directs his viewers to his website each night for the TPM (in case they missed it at the top of the hour), it isn't posted there until a day or more later, if at all. TPM doesn't get posted on FOXNews.com until the following morning, either - one more item O'Reilly can't tell the truth about.

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