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Dick Morris: Growing Fear Of Obama Will Drag Every Last White Republican Off The Golf Course To Vote For McCain

Reported by Ellen - May 20, 2008 -

Dick Morris gleefully predicted that Barack Obama will raise such racial animosity in Republicans that they will be wildly energized to vote for McCain. Morris called Rev. Jeremiah Wright, “the chairman of the get-out-the-vote operation for the McCain campaign.” With video.

In a segment on last night's (5/19/08) Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes asked about Morris' statement in a column, “Growing fear of Obama will drag every last white Republican off the golf course to vote for McCain.”

Morris explained it by saying, “The Republican base is going to turn out in massive numbers for McCain.” (He conveniently ignored the possible spoiler effect of Bob Barr).

Morris added, “My view is that the chairman of the get-out-the-vote operation for the McCain campaign is going to be the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and he's going to bring every last male off the golf course.”

Colmes said, “Hey, Dick, when you say, 'Drag every last white Republican off the golf course,' and now you're talking to (sic) Jeremiah Wright, that sounds like you are creating a racial divide that may not exist and you're accusing Republicans, who I'm not here to defend by the way, of being racists.”

Morris blamed Obama for inspiring such racial “doubt.” Morris said, “No, I think that the fear that has been generated by Jeremiah Wright and the concern that's been generated by some of Michelle Obama's statements, and the relationship with Ayers, I think all of those things combine to create a doubt about Barack Obama – not a certainty that he's bad, but a doubt. And if the difference between McCain and Obama is huge, then that doubt is not going to be enough to produce votes for McCain. But if the difference is narrow, then it's going to be enough to create a gap that I think will help McCain.”

Colmes asked, “Why inject the word white and use golf as if you're painting Republicans as white people who play golf and won't vote for a black guy?”

Morris smiled gleefully and said, “'Cause 90% of the Republican Party is white. I'm not sure 90% plays golf but a lot do.” He didn't mention anything about Republicans' willingness to vote for an African American.