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Outrageous Quote of the Week 5/17/08

Reported by Chrish - May 19, 2008 -

In a karmic coincidence Dick Morris took the same percentage of the vote last week as Hillary Clinton did in WV, for this little warning shot: "The determinant in the election will be if we believe that Barack Obama is what he appears to be, or is he somebody who's sort of a sleeper agent who really doesn't believe in our system and is more aligned with Wright's views." Look for this week's nominees after the jump.

Option A: "Now that the wheels are coming off of Al Gore's global warming bandwagon, well, even some of his loyal supporters may have to make a choice. Should I follow Al Gore's half-baked notion to save the planet? Or feed my family?" Sean Hannity, Hannity's America, 5/11/08

Option B: "Talking Points expects a vicious campaign this fall, even though Senators McCain and Obama are not defamers. The bile will not come from them. Instead, fanatical surrogates will spread the hate. Our job will be to expose these people wherever we find them." Talking Points O'Reilly, The Factor, 5/12/08

Option C: "I know I'm the money guy here at FOX, but sometimes on some days, the money thing doesn't much matter. Even for me." Neil Cavuto, Your World, 5/13/08

Option D: "The only reason that Hillary is running now — and, in fact, by the way, spending her own money it looks like, because I don't think she's raising it, and I think she's continuing to put money into it — is so that she can weaken Obama and set up the case for herself in 2012, so that she can work on defeating Obama and electing McCain. That's why she's staying in this race." Head Hillary Hater Dick Morris, Hannity and Colmes, 5/14/08

Option E: "This man is a man of courage. ... As far as I'm concerned, this issue is over. ... He buried that hatchet 'a long time ago.' ... This monkey is off McCain's back. In the case of Wright/Obama, I'll let the public decide that." Catholic League president Bill Donohue closing the Hagee case against the Republican nominee, FOX and Friends First, 5/15/08