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More flag pin sniping at FOX and Friends

Reported by Chrish - May 19, 2008 -

Brian Kilmeade spilled the beans to viewers this morning 5/19/08 on FOX and Friends First: Barack Obama was seen wearing a flag lapel pin last week! He was quickly clarified and the conversation moved on.

The segment in which he inadvertantly confirmed that sometimes the Senator wears a lapel pin, sometimes he doesn't, started out as a mocking of Obama. Someone capitalizing on Obama's mistake last week, when he said his campaign had visited 57 states and had one more to go (he meant to say 47), has designed a flag lapel pin with an additional 7 stars. Much laughter was had as they rehashed his mistake, showed the pin, and announced the website, and they speculated maybe he'll wear this pin. Kilmeade ruined the insider joke momentum when he said Obama is wearing a flag pin again. Gretchen Carlson quickly qualified that it was "for a few days last week; it's kind of off and back on again" and moved on.

A little Googling revealed that Obama was indeed noticed wearing the pin on the day he was endorsed by John Edwards. Look at the photos below and decide for yourself which news outlet is furthering an agenda with their choice of pose and which are merely reporting the news as it happens:



New York Times




USA Today






Yes, I know: it's small, it's petty. But that's how mountains are made from molehills, with unceasing piling on of tiny grains. Ask any brainwasher.