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Laura Ingraham and Juan Williams Just Can't Believe What Obama Said About FOX News

Reported by Deborah - May 19, 2008 -

Laura Ingraham and Juan Williams were in shock that Barack Obama stated that the voters in Kentucky had been turned against him by FOX News. They were almost wailing in protest saying FOX had been so fair to Obama and he's been treated so well by everyone on FOX. Just to prove how well Obama is treated on FOX, the pair devoted the segment to ripping him up which is exactly the sort of fair and professional treatment that Senator Obama has come to expect from FOX News.

Reported by McClatchy Washington Bureau, Obama blamed FOX for "disseminating rumors" about him and negative e-mail campaigns for his primary loss but claimed he would spend time in the state after the election.

Williams said Obama was being "elitist" again noting that Obama thinks they're "backwoods rubes" in Kentucky. ( Since Obama never said anything like that, isn't that just a rumor disseminated by FOX?)

Williams all huffy claimed that FOX only did it one time when they claimed Obama went to a Madrassa but retracted it in one day.(we remember that)

Then Williams admitted that it's Hillary FOX doesn't like but Obama has always done " So well" on FOX. Ingraham sneered, " He looks so weak."

Ingraham decided to contribute her own rumor at this point. " Kentucky kinda doesn't feel respected. He thinks they're dumb and would let a news network lead them around by the nose"

No, Barack Obama doesn't think that at all but that's exactly what FOX News thinks and counts on every single day.