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If NBC's "in the tank" for Obama, why do their SNL skits fit FOX talking points so beautifuly?

Reported by Chrish - May 19, 2008 -

FOX and Friends First this morning 5/19/08 did several segments on NBC's Saturday Night Live sketches about politics. The hosts agreed that John McCain was very, very funny and the piece mocking Democrats HIllary CLinton and Barack Obama was very funny too. Sounds like some FOX writers have gone to the dark side NBC.

McCain was lauded for making fun of himself and his "oldness," but Republican strategist Rich Galen confirmed that there was a strategic angle involved. Responding to Steve Doocy, he essentially said that repeating a negative in a joking way long enough was called "innoculation," and it's intended to develop an immunity of sorts in viewers/listeners (voters), ultimately making McCain's age a non-issue. In fact, it tends to make the other side look "mean" (there's that word again) if/when they go after him.

We noted this "first strike" tactic some time ago and wrote about O'Reilly's pre-emptive use of "war profiteer" before the 2006 election, when Robert Greenwald's documentary "Iraq for Sale" was about to be released.

First the Friends hosted Bill Donohue (last week) to forgive Hagee and remove the stink from McCain's campaign for seeking and receiving his endorsement; now McCain's age issue is being likewise dismissed. And the Friends were sure to air the SNL segment that, while very funny, belittled and mocked the two Democrats.