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Neil Cavuto Covers Business News From "All Angles?" How About He Start Covering it, Period?

Reported by Melanie - May 18, 2008 -

Ah yes, Neil Cavuto, Mr. Fox "Business News" was all over the happenings on Wall Street Friday (May 16, 2008).

Ol' Neil, "the money guy," as he calls himself, is the "managing editor" of business news and the senior vice president for business news at Fox. He "oversees all business coverage." Fox bills his hour long weekday show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, as its "premiere business news" program and Fox alleges it "covers the business world from all angles."

From all angles? If Cavuto regularly covered the business world at all — much less from "all angles" — that'd be worthy of a Fox News Alert.

Per his modus operandi, Cavuto was ah, as I said, all over Wall Street Friday. All over it, that is, for the first time during the hour at (literally) the absolute last few seconds of his show (notice the time, below). Mr. All Angles didn't say a word about the why or wherefore. Apparently, the only thing Mr. All Angles thought you needed to know about Wall Street was to see this shot. No explanation, context, or background was given.


Comment: Obviously Fox's "business news" audience doesn't expect much of Mr All Angles.