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Rev. Jeremiah Wright Is Gone, But Not Forgotten On Fox News

Reported by Priscilla - May 16, 2008 -

Propaganda makes use of the “argumentum ad nauseum,” which is defined as the “tireless repetition of an idea.” Fox News certainly employs this manner of communicating its right wing talking points in a nauseatingly, repetitive manner as underscored by its nearly constant bashing of Barack Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obviously, by bashing Wright, Obama is also smeared in the Fox News “guilt by association” theme which is only applied to Democrats. The constant criticism of Obama, through his “black church” began before the Wright flap; so it does appear that Fox News is utilizing another characteristic of propaganda which is “appeal to prejudice.”

This week’s “Grapevine” on Brit Hume’s “Special Report” was a basket of anti Wright/Obama grapes, along with a smear of Bill Moyers thrown in as a bonus. On Monday, we had the piece about Obama’s new pastor, Reverend Otis Moss III which, as I described, was basically a sound bite full of unsubstantiated negativity. The message here was that these African American pastors bash the Bible and corrupt the parish teens with quotes from scary black rappers. Wednesday’s “Grapevine” had a segment about the Obama/Wright/Trumpet Magazine/Farrakhan connection which (coincidentally?) Sean Hannity used as a talking point for his program which News Hounds Ellen cited earlier this week

Last night’s (May 15th) the “Grapevine” began with Bill Moyer’s recent assertion that Wright has been a “victim of the news media.” (Comment: Ya Think?!) Hume cited Moyer’s comments about the sound bites being “endlessly played.” (Coment: on Fox, Ya Think?!) In referencing Moyer’s comment that Wright had "mispoken and made erratic statements," (Comment: this could be a description of President Bush’s facility, or lack thereof, with the English language). Hume described these statements as "anti-American" and "anti-white" - adjectives which convey the rightwing interpretation and talking point. The chyron, under a photo of Moyers, was “playing softball.” (Comment: this could be a description of any interview, of any republican, done by Fox News.) Another photo of both Moyers and Wright was shown, with the words “on the defensive.” Hume concluded with Moyers statement that he didn’t talk about Wright’s comments about how the US developed AIDS as a means of genocide against blacks, because he “ran out of time.” (Comment: When is Brit Hume going to talk about John McCain’s “spiritual advisor” the Rev. Rod Parsley’s belief that the US and Planned Parenthood are in cahoots about black genocide?)

Hume segued into the next picking which featured Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s comment that the US "is a crazy country" for "getting upset" about Reverend Wright. Hume sourced the Chicago Tribune which reported that Tutu says Wright "may have said more crudely what actually almost every African-American would have wanted to say. I mean that is how they feel in your country." Hume added that Tutu asserts that the "U.S. is haunted by a racial divide that still offers blacks what he called 'the illusion of equality'." The chyron under Tutu’s photo read “stuck in the past.” (Comment: Obviously Hume thinks that racism is no longer a problem in Fox’s America. I guess that like Colbert, Fox doesn’t “see color.”)

Comment: So there you have it. As of today, it’s three for four (and we still have one more “Grapevine”). The message, on a constant loop - black preachers (and that includes the respected Desmond Tutu) and American blacks aren’t really one of us. Hume didn’t include that last part of Tutu’s statement in which he, according to the Chicago Tribune, “noted that the issue will haunt Americans until there is a way to talk honestly about race, such as holding a reconciliation forum.” This discussion will not be held on Fox News which is, in it's suspicion and denigration of African Americans who don't support the right wing orthodoxy, "stuck in the past."