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No surprise, Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris applaud Bush comments at Knesset

Reported by Chrish - May 16, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly is glad that Bush made snide comments about possible diplomatic efforts with Iran while he was is in Israel. Today 5/15/08 he used his Talking Points Memo to impugn Barack Obama's credentials and then hosted Dick Morris to pile on.

O'Reilly asked rhetorically whether Obama's correct to want more open engagement with 'our enemies,' or is McCain right when he says Obama's strategy will indicate weakness, and would empower Iran and the terrorists it supports? Notice how McCain's criticism of Obama is fully enunciated and no criticism of "Bomb Iran" McCain is introduced.

He, or rather Talking Points thinks the Bush administration's tough tactics have worked against the Taliban and Al Qaeda (even though media reports citing a National Intelligence Estimate and the State Department say both are getting stronger). He asserted that Al Qaeda is badly damaged an unable to move freely or finance itself, again contrary to reports.

Finally, O'Reilly praised Bush for putting Iran and the "war on terror" back on the table, as its been obscured lately by gas prices and health care - you know, issues the American people are concerned about. But now terra terra terra is back in play.

O'Reilly said the media has "glanced over" this issue and he sees it as Bush bolstering McCain. He's got to be kidding. The media is all over it as an attack on Obama,((six of one, half dozen of the other) mostly criticizing him for using a state visit to score political points. Morris agrees (it's a nod to McCain) and says it's a legitimate shot. They proceeded to discuss, not Bush's comments per se, but the dangers of Obama's proposal. Iran has to be economically and diplomatically isolated until the regime (which they conflate with Ahmadinejad, never mentioning the real power held by millionaire mullahs) is removed.

O'Reilly, blaming GE in large part (who own MSNBC who employs he-who-shall-not-be-named) wants all commerce between the US and NATO countries, and Iran, cut off. Morris agreed and plugged a new organization headed by Frank Gaffney, identified as "from the Reagan administration."

Gaffney is a neo-con, a signator of the Statement of Principles from the Project for the New American Century. He is as right-wing as they come, writing for Washington Times, National Review Online, WorldNetDaily, and Jewish World Review, and his Center for Security Policy is "funded mainly by U.S. defence contractors, far-right foundations, and right-wing Zionists," including the Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation, the Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation and the William H. Donner Foundation. His ties to extremists on the right was not scrutinized, nay even mentioned by O'Reilly. Gaffney has advocated "taking down" Al Jazeera and suggested that war dissenters should be arrested, hung, or exiled. Just so you know; O'Reilly's followers don't. They just hear "Reagan' and approve.

Gaffney has identified 500 companies (mostly 'foreign') who do business with Iran. The way to bring Iran to its knees is to divest from these companies, said Morris. The way to learn who they are is to go to Gaffney's website and give your personal information - for some reason it's not posted and shared widely. Will he profit by selling the info? Or will the named companies start counter-initiatives? Strange that Morris plugged it. Maybe now that it looks like Clinton won't get the nomination he's looking for work.

O'Reilly said "Barack Obama's people" gave a fierce response; John Kerry, Joe Biden, and "all the big Dems" condemned it because - they feel vulnerable. Morris reiterated that it's not wrong for Bush to use the occasion of Israel's 60th to condemn negotiations with the country that wants to eliminate it.

O'Reilly said it's in play now, and Obama has to deal with it.

O'Reilly verbally spat on John Edwards, saying his endorsement was meaningless and he (BOR) doesn't have much use for the Senator (Edwards). Is O'Reilly threatened because Edwards is a sincere champion of the poor?

O'Reilly threw Morris a Clinton-bone, as his days as the pundit-in-chief seem to be coming to an end as Obama wraps up the nomination. Why is she staying in? Morris replied that she is doing damage to Obama, to weaken him, so she can say I-told-you-so in preparation to challenge a McCain second term in 2012. Or, she's lost her mind. Independent O'Reilly was not concerned about this alleged assault on the Democratic party; he wondered how she can absorb the financial losses she must be incurring. He insinuated that Obama can steer his supporters into donating to her, but Morris said they won't give her the right time of day.

Fair and balanced? This was only the first 10 minutes of the hour and they criticized Obama several times, lauded Bush and McCain, also several times, promoted a radical right-wing website and agenda, and took swipes at Edwards and Clinton, either of whom could be a VP candidate.