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Hannity And Gingrich Worried About The Future For Republicans

Reported by Ellen - May 16, 2008 -

It was hard to believe I was watching Hannity & Colmes last night (5/15/08), the show where Democrats are always wrong (except former Democrat Joe Lieberman) and Republicans are always heroes, even when they're wrong (like John McCain). Yet a whole segment was devoted to the problems facing Republicans in the upcoming election. With video.

Sean Hannity, the ultimate Republican cheerleader, told guest Newt Gingrich, “This could be a disastrous election for Republicans.” His apprehension was based on the three recent Republican losses in special elections for seats that were once safely Republican.

Gingrich said, “I can't imagine a more decisive and a clearer wake up call.”

It wouldn't be a Hannity & Colmes segment with Gingrich if nobody attacked Democrats for something so Gingrich made sure to tell Colmes, “Both parties share more than enough guilt for where we are today.”

Gingrich also had an interesting take on the origin of the problems. “Once I left in 98, (Republicans) completely underestimated how deep the changes have to be in the bureaucracy. When you look at the failure to react to Katrina, which was a disaster, you look at the failure to react to the Census Bureau collapse, which is a 15 billion dollar disaster, you look at the failure to react to the Department of Energy collapse on clean coal which is an absurd disaster. Again and again. You have a failure to clean out the State Department which continues to be, I think, fundamentally opposed to Bush's policy.”

Funny, he didn't mention the war in Iraq or the deficit, the mortgage crisis or the health care crisis.