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FOX News Pundits Pretend Bush's “Appeasement” Comments Not Directed Toward Obama or Democrats

Reported by Ellen - May 16, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes put on a team of Republican pundits last night (5/15/08) who “defended' President Bush's comments implying that Democrats are like Nazi-appeasers by pretending that that's not what Bush meant (even though his spokesperson said otherwise) and then reiterating the charge by saying that if Democrats/Obama think Bush was talking about them, it must be true. With video.

In the video below, the conservative was the British-born high school dropout turned disk jockey turned Islam critic Mark Steyn. Steyn has a history of bad judgment, including his March 2004 statement, "I don't think it's possible for anyone who looks at Iraq honestly to see it as anything other than a success story." For all his tough talk, Steyn has yet to put his own fanny in a military uniform.

“It says a lot about the Democrats that the minute you talk about appeasing terrorists, Barack Obama assumes you're talking about him,” Steyn said.

“Who's (Bush) talking about?” Colmes asked.

Steyn replied, “He could be talking about the leader of the New Democrat Party in Canada, a senior former Northern Ireland secretary in the United Kingdom and a good half a dozen European foreign ministers. It's a whole mindset that wants to talk to these guys.”

Colmes found that laughable (he has a decent breakdown of the story on his blog) and asked the other guest, Juan Williams, “Do you buy this tapdancing away from what the president was really saying today?”

Williams is not a reliably muscular voice for Democrats or liberals but when he's “on,” he's very good. And he was on last night. “I find this unbelievable that the president would have done it and I think of course it's political and you could, you know, say maybe it's Jimmy Carter he's talking about, maybe it's Barack Obama, but I think he lumps them together and it was a shot across the bow as we begin the fall election.”

“This is ridiculous,” Steyn claimed. Self-righteously, he added, “George Bush gave a serious speech on the 60th anniversary of Israel, referencing the Holocaust and pogroms and President Ahmadinejad and it is horrible and parochial and narcissistic and self-absorbed for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama to assume they're the ones being talked about.”

“Great American” Hannity jumped at the opportunity to smear his fellow countrymen. First, he trotted out one of his old canards, “There's been a whole series of outrageous things said that embolden our enemies and undermine our troop morale.” (The non-serving Hannity has been told repeatedly by military officers that this is not true, yet this self-styled “patriot” continues to use this lie to malign other Americans.)

Hannity went on to make the dubious argument that foreign policy is a vulnerability for the Democrats. With his finger and pen jabbing at the air, Hannity melodramatically declaimed, “And they know it.” Slapping his hands together now, Hannity cried out, “The reality is, the Obama doctrine is to talk to Ahmadinejad, talk to Kim Jong-Il, he'll talk to Assad and do it without preconditions which, in the minds of many, is naïve and irresponsible. Oh, I just quoted Hillary.”

In reality, the majority of Americans favor talking to Iran and oppose military action.