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Catholic League's Donohue absolves Hagee, will work with him to attack Obama

Reported by Chrish - May 15, 2008 -

Catholic League president Bill Donohue (who laughably claimed he didn't care about publicity) appeared this morning 5/15/08 on FOX and Friends First to do damage control for John McCain and then to attack Barack Obama's position on some abortions ("infanticide"). He pronounced "this monkey is off McCain's back," but voters will have to decide if Obama's refuting of Wright was enough. With video.

Note: spelling of Mr. Donohue's name corrected 5/19

Televangelist Hagee, who has been critical of the Catholic church, has formally apologized to Donohue and "has been educated" about the church's (non)role in Hitler's genocide, with books recommended by Donohue himself. His public statement of regret was very thorough and touched on all the areas Donohue wanted him to, and as far as he's concerned this issue is over. The two are meeting today (Donohue could not keep from smiling as he said he "[doesn't] care about press, as you know") to shake hands and maybe come together on issues that they have in common.

Doocy announced that Donohue was about to break a news story (in two minutes). Turned out it's one of those issues on which he and Hagee can agree - and not coincidentally, one of the old standards used to turn out social conservative voters.

Donohue said McCain has effectively repudiated Hagee's comments and he's buried that hatchet a long time ago, this monkey's off his back, but in the case of Wright and Obama, he'll let the voters decide. His forgiveness is partisan, it seems.

With much fanfare Donohue announced that Catholics are now going to focus on Obama's tenure in the IL State Senate, where he opposed a bill that "would provide" (in fact the bill would require) healthcare (extraordinary measures) for an aborted fetus which had survived the procedure. He called it "selective infanticide" and made accusation of a "media cover-up." Steve Doocy interjected that it just goes to show how little we do know about Barack Obama, and gave Donohue the opportunity to plug his website where the headline is "Obama and Infanticide."

The two segments could not have been more unfair or unbalanced.