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Bush Goes After Barack & McCain Follows Up On It

Reported by Donna - May 15, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher filling in for Shepard Smith, they spoke about Bush's speech which Obama said falsely accused him of appeasement.

Barack fired back and said "It is time to turn the page of eight years of policies that have strengthened Iran and failed to secure America or our ally Israel." Major Garrett said that Obama said that previous Republican Presidents used strength amd diplomacy to achieve American aims. (He used Reagan and Nixon as examples) He also said that JFK did the same thing. Obama said that even Gates and Rice have talked about it.

Major Garrett said that Howard Dean said McCain needed to repudiate his remarks and Nancy Pelosi condemned President Bush's remarks. Garrett and Gallagher said it sounded like they were setting up for the national election (with Obama against McCain).

Gallagher asked Garrett if there was fear amongst the Democrats that Bush might be trying to exploit some tensions between Obama and the American Jewish community. Garrett said he spoke to Joe Biden who said the president engaged in a raw, political act here, a political hit against Barack Obama. He said Biden said it was raw politics of the worst kind doing what Bush did in front of an Israeli audience. (Comment: Later on a Republican strategist said that what Bush said should not have been said on Israeli soil)

McCain jumped on the Bush bandwagon and asked what Barack wanted to talk to the Iran President about? Carl Cameron said that Barack Obama showed a lack of experience and was naive when it came to foreign politics. Cameron and Gallagher then talked about how McCain said that by 2013 the Iraq war would have been won. Cameron also said McCain said that most of the American soldiers would be on their way home, Iraq would be defeated, Afghanistan would be stabilized, the U.S. and Pakistan would have new and strengthened relations and Osama Bin Laden would be captured and killed. Cameron said that a lot of reporters said this sounded like a timetable but McCain said it was not.

In his speech, Bush went as far as comparing trying to have foreign policy with Iran with if we only talked to Hitler in 1939.

Comment: This was a political hit by Bush, followed up by McCain to get at Obama and bringing in the Hitler comparison to an Israeli audience made it more so.

Then McCain looks ahead to the end of his first term as if he has already won the presidency and Fox reports all the wonderful things he's going to do.