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Bernie Goldberg Defends "Operation Chaos" Blaming Democrats

Reported by Deborah - May 15, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly's topic tonight for Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall was Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos". Hall acted like the whole thing was annoying but no big deal and Goldberg suggested that Democrats did the same thing in Republican primaries.

O'Reilly referring to Limbaugh as an "entertainer" (not a journalist like him) showed a clip of Limbaugh calling for chaos to be created by Republicans with a primary vote for Clinton to keep her in the race. He asked Hall and Goldberg if they thought Limbaugh was wrong?

Bernie Goldberg usually has a lot to say about the lack of ethics on the left so one might expect him to be critical of Rush Limbaugh messing with the voting process. However, tonight he let his hypocrisy shine without shame.

Goldberg noted that in 16 states it's legal for Democrats and Republicans to cross over vote in primaries adding " Liberal Democrats" can do it. " I will worry about Rush Limbaugh's ethics when I'm sure that no Democrat has influence" in picking the Republican candidate.

Even O'Reilly, turning to Hall, had the sense not to follow up on Goldberg's biased theory but of course, he let it stand without objection or follow up. Hall's response was extremely weak calling it "messy" adding how she doesn't "appreciate"it. Worst of all, she described it as "making mischief" and downplayed Limbaugh's influence by accusing Obama's supporters of "exaggerating".

comment: Obama's flag pin is considered a legitimate concern for voters but Rush Limbaugh's
vote tampering is no big deal. After all, O'Reilly considers Rush an entertainer so it doesn't matter what he says to influence the outcome of our election. However, the O'Reilly "entertainer pass" is only given to Republicans so Rosie O'Donnell better not try it. You can bet he wouldn't be asking if she was "wrong".