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The Gospel According To Fox Includes Black Preacher Bashing

Reported by Priscilla - May 14, 2008 -

Fox News loves that “old time religion” which, at Fox, leans to the evangelical with a smattering of “Father Jonathan” for the Catholics. Before his death, Reverend Jerry Falwell was a frequent guest on Fox. Only yesterday, Cavuto interviewed an evangelical who says that it’s not weather that is causing devastation; but God, who is damning the world for its sins. And in its promotion of Christianity, Fox also promotes the notion that Christians are being persecuted. Thus, it seems a trifle hypocritical (and un-Christian) of them to have constantly bashed Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Trinity United Church of Christ. But now that Wright has gone from the scene, Fox is flinging its slings and arrows at the new pastor of Trinity, the Reverend Otis Moss III

Grapes hold a prominent place in Christian theology and liturgy; so it’s a little ironic that Brit Hume used his “Grapevine” segment on Monday’s (May 12th) to bash the man who is now the leader of Barack Obama’s Church. Hume teased the segment twice. He told his audience, at the beginning of the show, that “the words of Jeremiah Wright got Barack Obama in hot water; but wait until you hear what his new pastor is saying.” Later he stated “more colorful talk from a minister at Barack Obama’s church and it’s not Reverend Wright.” (Comment: isn’t there a commandment about “false witness” that’s about to be broken, here!?)

The actual sour “Grapevine” began with Hume’s comment that “The Reverend Jeremiah Wright may have stepped down as pastor, but the Trinity United Church of Christ may continue to haunt Barack Obama.” The chyron under the photo containing the faces of Obama and Wright read “Not Over.” Hume then identified his source for the information as that stellar paragon of journalistic integrity, NewsMax (comment: I’m just kidding!) which reports that the “new Senior Pastor, Otis Moss, has called biblical patriarch Abraham a pimp, said Noah and Moses were thugs and said Jesus had a "soft spot for thugs." Moss has also praised late rapper Tupac Shakur as a prophet despite his profanity-laced lyrics that glorify violence and a criminal record including assault and sexual abuse.” (Comment – scary black rapper – be afraid)

Comment: Here’s the typical “Grapevine” talking point, with nothing substantive other than the “gospel” of the rightwing. If Fox did context they would learn that “At the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ, Moss calls Moses a "thug" transformed into a liberator by God. He compares Biblical prejudice against lepers to racism faced by blacks.” If Fox were not playing the religious race card, their viewers might learn that Rev. Moss, who holds an honors undergraduate degree and a Masters of Divinity from Yale, is the son of a famous civil rights leader, Rev. Otis Moss, Jr. and has an impressive resume. And it is worth noting that Abraham (not a one-man, one-woman kind of guy) did offer his wife to Pharoah. It’s also worth noting that many preachers, in attempting to reach young people, quote from contemporary music/culture. As a reflection on urban life, Tupac Shakur’s poetry, which has been incorporated into high school curriculums, would certainly resonate with the youth of inner city Chicago. In the scheme of things, Moss’s comments pale in comparison to the words of John Hagee, whose endorsement John McCain sought and which he is “proud of.” Certainly, the notion that tolerance towards gays caused the devastation of Katrina would make a great “Grapevine” soundbite. Or even better, the words of McCain’s “spiritual advisor” Rod Parsley, who has called upon Christians to wage a "war" against the "false religion" of Islam with the aim of destroying it” and that Christopher Columbus’s goal was to “defeat Islam” which, according to Parsley, is a “demon spirit.” And want some conspiracy? How about Parsley’s contention that the US is complicit in the “genocide” of African Americans because it partially funds Planned Parenthood? Certainly the aforementioned Reverend rants would be the kind of wild and crazy things that make for a twisted “Grapevine.” But it is not to be because the theology of Fox News is not tolerant; but rather (literally) black and white. For Fox, not all pastors are created equal.