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Now Fox Has Handwriting Expert On For The Presidential Candidates

Reported by Donna - May 14, 2008 -

With Hillary Clinton winning big in West Virginia yesterday, Fox and Friends had a lot of fluff fillers today. They resorted to Bill O'Reilly ways except instead of having a body language expert on, they had a handwriting expert on.

The following points are what they said their signatures revealed. The guest was Robert Reuben, the President of the Natural Society of Graphology.

About John McCain's signature, this is what was on the screen:

John McCain

* Reflects maverick politcal status (Comment: I didn't hear the handwriting expert use the word "maverick."
* Sense of pride and ambition
* Need for privacy (Comment: Haven't we had enough privacy in the White House the last 8 years?)
* Possible temper

Reuben said McCain was not as connected to his family image as to his personal interests.

Barack Obama

* Indicates, handles different people and situations well
* Implies emotion
* Shows more is given to personal goals than family legacy.

Reuben said he showed self confidence and a strong ego. He pointed out that he puts a line through the O in Obama, perhaps to showing he was abandaned by his father when he was 3.

Hilary Clinton

* Indicates Control, Smart, Forceful
* Projects efficiency
* Shows discipline

Reuben said she was very intelligent and confident, she was proud of who she was separate from Bill.

Comment: Well, there you have it - the handwriting analysis of the 3 candidates. We report, you decide.