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Marion Barry Kills Bill O'Reilly With Kindness and Simple Truth

Reported by Deborah - May 14, 2008 -

Marion Barry, former DC Mayor, came on The Factor last night, 5/13/08, and told Bill O'Reilly some simple truth about his unfair treatment of Barack Obama and narrow view of Jeremiah Wright.
Barry, low key and smiling throughout the segment, actually put BOR on the defensive and was able to criticize O'Reilly without getting verbally hammered. with video

O'Reilly opened with a hypocritical statement that he was through with the Wright story despite the fact that he keeps allowing him to pop into discussions much like Monica Lewinsky. BOR claimed that Barry called him to come on the show to talk about Wright which Barry denied.

Barry said " The press is more interested in making news than reporting it." Then he mentioned seeing O'Reilly's report about Reverend Wrights big house which started Bill's defensiveness. He told Barry about his own experience with Roman Catholic priests who take vows of poverty and live modestly as if trying to make excuses for his tabloid attack of Wright's House.

Barry responded with kind firmness, "Shame on you" and "What's that got to do with Obama" Barry chided O'Reilly for not talking about Obama's brilliant campaign comparing it to the story of David and Goliath.

O'Reilly objected with, " I'm a fair man" and Barry came right back with "I wouldn't say you're always fair."

After that, BOR was a little worked up and started his drive to get Obama on his show claiming that he won't know what Obama believes until he comes in. "Gotta see if he can back up the rhetoric."

Barry came right out and asked O'Reilly if he was a Republican or Democrat. When O'Reilly gave his absurd Independent response, Barry opined that Obama could talk to him for 40 hours and BOR still wouldn't vote for him. Then he advised O'Reilly to talk more about Obama and less about his associations. "That's McCarthyism", he bravely reminded.