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Greta Van Susteren Helps Hillary Appeal To The Super Delegates And Coincidentally Tear Down Obama

Reported by Ellen - May 14, 2008 -

Greta Van Susteren, who usually restricts her show, On The Record, to lost cruise passengers and murdered blondes, joined the FOX News meme of tearing down Barack Obama last night (5/13/08) during what was ostensibly a “fair and balanced” discussion about the results of the West Virginia primary. Her only guest was none other than Karl Rove, Republican partisan extraordinaire. But Van Susteren's questions were so pro-Clinton, so anti-Obama that she wound up making Rove look like the more neutral one. Van Susteren's ties to the Clintons were not revealed to the audience. With video.

Some of the questions Van Susteren asked:

“Does it look like (Obama's) a poor loser (for not making a concession speech about WV)?”

“If you counted FL and MI completely.... and maybe some people think they've been punished enough... who would be the nominee, likely?” As if she wouldn't know... and funny how she didn't seem to care that Obama wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan.

Rove, surprise, surprise, said Clinton would probably be “a lot closer.” He said that he thought it might be even closer because a lot of the super delegates that she has lost to Obama might endorse her, after all.

Van Susteren: Let's say on June 5, it's an absolute tie... who would you rather run with in November?

But the point is, it's not an absolute tie. Obama is ahead by all measures.

Rove, of course, said he'd go with Clinton, then added, “(Obama's) got a problem of elitism and a problem of philosophy and values.”

No objection from Van Susteren.

She went on to suggest that the reason Obama won the caucuses is because only non-working people caucus. I'm surprised she didn't say that it's because blacks don't work.