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Cavuto Airs Ridiculous Segment About Obama - So He Can Call Him Names

Reported by Melanie - May 14, 2008 -

One of the segments Mr. Fox Business News (Neil Cavuto) aired today (May 14, 2008) was about Barack Obama campaigning in Michigan for the first time since "he just boycotted" the primary there. Far as I can tell, the very short (1.75 minutes) piece was designed solely to give Cavuto a platform with which to belittle Obama and call him some choice names.

Over a chyron that read, "Obama in MI today: First Time Since Boycotting Primary," Cavuto introduced guest, Democratic strategist, and Obama supporter Sarah Flowers, with: 'Barack Obama trying to woo voters right now in a battleground state he needs to win in November but it's also the state he just boycotted in the primary so is his presence there being taken as confidence or cockiness?

With that Cavuto turned to Flowers and asked whether she thought Obama is "kind of overplaying the nominee thing?" Flowers essentially said no, it's time.

Cavuto wrinkled his forehead and said, "He's already acting like President Obama." (When Republicans do that, it's a good thing and everyone praises them for "acting presidential.") Flowers said he's focusing on issues that voters care about, like how "we're going to fix the health care crisis."

Cavuto said Hillary Clinton "says she's doing that but he's ignoring her so that's by design and it strikes me as as a little arrogant but it's okay, you're okay with that?" Flowers hurriedly closed, as Cavuto was obviously finished with the interview - kind of nodding his head as if to hurry her insofar he'd gotten his hits in - saying "we need to put up a clear difference to John McCain." When she tried to end with a point about McCain's health care plan, Cavuto cut her off.

Comment: Obama did not "boycott" the Michigan primary (is Fox doing Clinton's bidding for her?). He kept his name off the ballot, as did John Edwards, Joe Biden and Bill Richardson, so as not to violate rules set forth by the Democratic National Committee. But hey, using the word "boycotted" makes him look undemocratic doesn't it? And oh the racism in this segment: Obama is an uppity black guy, arrogant; cocky. And the gall; he's "acting" like a president! Who does he think he is?