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Clinton Surrogate: We Did Obama A Favor By Attacking Him Over Rev. Wright

Reported by Ellen - May 14, 2008 -

Hillary Clinton advocate Lanny Davis was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (5/13/08) and again joined Sean Hannity in attacking Barack Obama. When Alan Colmes suggested that he might be helping John McCain by continuing to attack Obama, Davis claimed that was not the case. Davis then pretended that the attacks had helped Obama. Davis said, “It's like saying when we raised the Rev. Wright issue, well, that's something you shouldn't do because it hurt Senator Obama. In fact, it forced Senator Obama to address that issue, rather than ignore it.” With video.

White supremacist sympathizer Hannity obsessed about Obama all night. Hannity jubilantly told Davis, “I think these exit polls for (Obama) tonight are absolutely devastating!” Apparently citing a FOX News exit poll, Hannity said that 63% do not believe Obama is “honest and trustworthy.” With obvious excitement, Hannity added, “51 % of voters say they believe he shares a lot of the views of his pastor, Rev. Wright!” Hannity went on to say that Obama “only beats Senator McCain among Democratic primary voters 51-28%. I would assume that your camp, the Clinton camp, is going to be using this data to make an appeal to super delegates.”

Hannity didn't mention that West Virginia went for President Bush in 2000 and 2004 nor did he mention that, as an article on FOXNews.com put it, the state's demographics were custom made for Clinton. Furthermore, as Alan Colmes brought out in a later discussion, the margin of victory was the same as the polls for the last few months, showing that the Rev. Wright controversy had not negatively affected Obama.

But Davis made no effort to advocate on behalf of the Democratic Party nor its likely nominee. He chose, instead, to side with Hannity in his attacks on Obama. That was bad enough but Davis pretended he was not going negative. He said, “We're going to use the positive data and let everybody just add up what Senator Obama's problem to date has been... That 28% defection that you just mentioned between the Obama – who wouldn't vote for Obama – is exactly the percentage of Democrats we lost when Ronald Reagan and then George Bush won in the 80's, ran against white liberal candidates who weren't able to talk to blue collar voters. So this is not about race... This is about not being able to connect with people who work for a living and that is Senator Clinton's great strength and it looks to be Senator Obama's weakness.”

Colmes got right to the heart of the matter. He asked Davis, “Does it trouble you that conservatives like my friend, Sean, here... are using – they're using Hillary's victory here to sully up Obama, to weaken him, should he be the nominee, which seems likely in a general election against John McCain?”

In short, no, it didn't trouble Davis at all. But again, he postured otherwise. “I just talk facts but somehow talking a fact then gets characterized.”

Sure it does, particularly when the facts you “just talk” happen to match the Republican talking points being touted by Hannity. Just a few weeks ago, Davis got into bed with Hannity to attack Obama over Rev. Wright. Last night, Davis joined in the race-baiting. “Senator Clinton pointed out that the Associated Press reported that in Indiana and North Carolina, Senator Obama showed great weakness among white working class voters... Now that is a fact, Alan. It's not a characterizing, it's not a criticism.”

Oh, no, of course not.

Colmes didn't buy it. “Lanny, as you know, I'm a Hillary supporter. But I also want a Democrat to win in the fall. And at this point, with a steep hill for her to climb to get the nomination, anything at this point that's gonna hurt Obama, does that not hurt the Democrats' chances and help John McCain in the fall?”

Davis' disingenuous answer must have made Hannity proud. “Alan, I would agree with you that we shouldn't be attacking each other to help John McCain in the general election. How does it help John McCain and hurt Barack Obama to describe what is a fact that Obama has to deal with in order to win the election? It's like saying when we raised the Rev. Wright issue, well, that's something you shouldn't do because it hurt Senator Obama. In fact, it forced Senator Obama to address that issue, rather than ignore it.”

With friends like that...