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Neil Cavuto Reports on the Chinese Stock Market but not on the U.S Market

Reported by Melanie - May 13, 2008 -

If you watched Fox's "premiere business news" show this afternoon (May 13, 2008), you would have absolutely no idea whatsoever what happened on Wall Street today but you would have some sense about what happened on the Chinese market.

After a report from China by Alison Klayman of the Global Radio Network about the horrific earthquake there, Cavuto closed with,

We should tell folks too that the Japanese, I'm sorry, the Chinese market was open today. It fell only a little bit today. Other Asian markets were open. China insisted that it wanted to keep its markets open to maintain, as it did with that Olympic torch, as Alison was pointing out, continuity.

Comment: I've been away for almost two weeks. I noted that Cavuto redesigned his on-screen format. Missing was the little icon usually present in the lower right hand corner of the screen that rotated and showed the closing numbers on the Dow, the Nasdaq and the S&P. Granted, Fox filled the lower third with West Virginia primary info today so maybe that was why. Absent that, and absent reporting by "the money guy," Wall Street didn't factor into the show, and Fox bills it as a business news show for godsake. (As the economy has worsened and as economic issues have risen in importance to average Americans, the "business news" - always scant on Your World to begin with - has all but disappeared. If the removal of that pitiful little old icon - many days, all that's left of Cavuto's "business news" - is a permanent thing, that'll be very revealing indeed. I'll let you know.)