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Most Talk On Studio B About Hillary Quitting & Smith Said Over and Over that MoveOn.org is " A Left Wing, Controversial Orgainization"

Reported by Donna - May 13, 2008 -

The big story on Studio B today was why won't Hillary quit, yet? Shepard Smith asked most of his guests why she was still in the race and we still didn't get a solid answer.

Smith asked John Avlon, who worked under Clinton and Giuliani the question and he said the Clintons never give up, they keep fighting and hope they get lucky.

Patricia Murphy from CitizenJanePoliticis.com said it gave Hillary time to get out with grace although she agreed with Smith that Hillary's remarks this weekend about rallying the working class and white people to her cause was not the way to do it.

Comments: It was a calm show, but still some biias. Smith had to refer to MoveOn.Com as a "controversial, left wing organization" just about every time he referred to them. He showed a clip of a commercial that MoveOn.org is showing that wasn't controversial at all. It just pumped up Barack Obama. Smith asked Wanda James, a Democratic strategist, if Barack even wanted moveon.org to support him. She was empathic that he was proud to be supported by moveon.org and that the commercial was brilliant.

They talked briefly about John McCain stumping out in Oregan talking about clean energy and distancing himself from Bush. This 'distancing himself from Bush' comes up most days. They said McCain's hard problem was balancing left with right which is going to be hard for him to do.