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It's Becoming a Regular Thing on Fox "Business News": The "Is God Punishing Us?" Segment

Reported by Melanie - May 13, 2008 -

On February 22, after we experienced a series of freak wintertime tornadoes, evangelical minister Erwin Lutzer was a guest on Fox's "premiere business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto. The most prominent chyron Fox aired during that segment was, "Freak Weather, Earthquakes: Is God Punishing Us?"

Well guess what? Reverend Lutzer was back again today (May 13, 2008) to speak to Neil Cavuto's audience over a chyron that read, "Slew of Natural Disasters: Is God Punishing Us?"

According to Luzter, yes he is. Lutzer said, "We have to understand that God is in charge of nature," and because "the Earth is cursed by sin, has these kinds of catastrophes." Katrina, the Burmese (I refuse to call in Myanmar because that name was assigned to it in l989 by the illegitimate military dictators who rule the country) typhoon and the Chinese earthquake are a "kind of megaphone from God, reminding us of certain lessons that the world should be taking note of." There "is no doubt that God has a message for us in these natural disasters." It "teaches the brevity of life," and "what is really valuable." "At the end of the day, eternity is even more valuable than time."

Comment: So folks, Cavuto didn't see fit to tell his "business news" audience what happened on Wall Street today but he did work in a little Bible class. Oh, and watch your step. Be afraid. God's watching. If the terrorists and the liberals and the immigrants (and the — fill in the blank) don't yet you, "he" might.