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Global Warming Isn’t Real–I Heard It On The Grapevine!

Reported by Priscilla - May 13, 2008 -

Despite Rupert Murdoch’s statement that “Climate change poses clear, catastrophic threats” and his subsequent efforts to “green” his businesses, Fox News clings dearly to the notion that global warming is no big deal. As I have noted, Special Report’s “Grapevine” is designed for right wing talking points framed, in short sound bites, with no real analysis or opposing views. Global warming is one such issue that makes its way to the “Grapevine” with short segments containing information from the global warming denier community or statements from the scientific community that are taken out of context. Friday’s (May 9th) “Grapevine” was a classic example of some climate “reporting” that was certainly not “fair and balanced.”

The piece cited a stat that showed April of this year as the coldest in 11 years and cited Amy Ridenour President of the National Center for Policy Research who tells FOX News, "this is further proof that global warming is not happening. Somebody has to be the grownup in this debate and the fact is, climate change is variable. If it wasn't, then we wouldn't have weathermen." So, to the Fox audience, this sounds plausible because somebody from a fancy think tank thinks so. Well, not so fast. According to Wikipedia, this organization “is a self-described conservative think tank" which has received funding from Exon Mobil in order to promote the notion that global warming is a myth. According to Source Watch it uses “the rhetoric of anti-terrorism to attack environmentalists.” It is also funded, in part, by the Sarah Sciafe Foundation. (Comment: You mean that George Soros doesn’t control everything!) Ridenour and her organization also have ties to Jack Abramoff – but you won’t hear about that on the Grapevine.

Comment: There’s some irony here because the Republican (Fox News) candidate for president, John McCain, is now saying that global warming is real and that human’s are responsible. Oh, my! Does that mean that this particular fruit of the "Grapevine" has been spoiled!