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FOX morning tidbits on Clinton, Obama, and... Ron Paul?

Reported by Chrish - May 13, 2008 -

FOX and Friends First reported this morning 5/13/08 that Hillary Clinton will win the West Virginia primary today; Brit Hume will have those results at 7:31 PM. All the polls say so; even Barack Obama has conceded she will win - although he seemed skeptical that she'll get 80% of the vote as Bill Clinton allegedly predicted.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, one of this morning's hosts along with Steve Doocy and Alisyn Camerota, corrected the record to say that it was a WV State Senator named Harry Truman who promised to deliver that margin for Clinton. Impossible, said JAN, but by raising the bar that high any less will be seen as under-performance. The other noted that Obama is closing in on the magic number of 2,025 delegates but noted that if Michigan and Florida are to be counted, the number needed is more (2209). If the goalposts are moved in the fourth quarter, as JAN put it,
Obama will get those extra needed delgates too.

According to "the convential wisdom, er, punditry," Hillary Clinton should get out of the race now (or sooner). But a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll shows 64% of Democrats want her to stay in until it's over. Napolitano commented that the 64% poll number surprised him, because on his (and Brain Kilmeade's) radio show about 90% of the Democrats calling in want her to drop out. All this proves is that the "Democrats" calling FOX talk radio are not mainstream Dems, and call-in polls are rubbish.

Steve Doocy observed that it would be embarrassing for Obama at this point if she dropped out and then continued to win, big, in states where she's still on the ballot. The best thing would be for her to keep going and after (presumably, according to polls) winning WV and Kentucky, bow out on a high note.

Camerota awkwardly segued to the next topic, Ron Paul's continued presence in the Republican race. The banners read "Ron Paul's Revenge" and "Siege at the RNC" as JAN reported that Paul wants a voice at the RNConvention in Minneapolis in September. His supporters ("which are legion," said Camerota - I'm sure she meant "many" and not "the devil.") plan "embarrassing public revolt" at the convention to show their disagreement with john McCain and the Republican platform. It's implied that they are using threats of protests as a bargaining chip to secure Ron Paul an opportunity to speak at the convention.

Barely audible in the overtalking was the title (was it even mentioned?) of Ron Paul's new book, The Revolution, which is currently #6 on Amazon and of which sales JAN is jealous. Note how FOX chooses which books to promote (endlessly, some of them) and which to hide.

Later in the show it was mentioned that not since 1916 has a Democratic candidate who didn't win West Virginia gone on to win the White House, perhaps one of the most selectively-spun tidbits of the month, and obviously intended to imply that if Obama doesn't win tonight, which he most assuredly will not, he won't likely go on to win in November.

So, Hillary will win tonight, Barack will lose in November - got that?