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Outrageous Quote of the Week 5/10/08

Reported by Chrish - May 12, 2008 -

Last week's poll result was one of the biggest majorities ever, 62% of the vote going to Oliver North for saying "What (Rev. Jeremiah Wright) has become is a recruiting campaign for Al Qaeda and all the enemies of America." Can we top that this week? Read on for the latest nominees.

Option A: " The left wing blogs are like puppies, toddlers or Bill Clinton. They can't be left unsupervised for long." Mary Katherine Ham after telling BOR that the left wing blogs had behaved this week, O'Reilly Factor, 5/7/08

Option B: "The determinant in the election will be if we believe that Barack Obama is what he appears to be, or is he somebody who's sort of a sleeper agent who really doesn't believe in our system and is more aligned with Wright's views." Dick Morris, O'Reilly Factor, 5/7/08

Option C: " Hear no Wright, see no Wright even if Wright is wrong." Juan Williams after hearing that CNN had declared themselves a "Wright free zone," O'Reilly Factor, 5/5/08

Option D: "What you're proposing is complicated, what Obama's proposing is simple. He's gonna take care of it, pick up the tab; you're gonna give 'em 5 grand, they're gonna shop around. I'm just pointing that out. " Bill O'Reilly misrepresenting healthcare proposals, the Factor, 5/8/08

Option E: "This is why Arianna Huffington has a huge karma debt. She is a woman in disgrace." Bill O'Reilly demonstrating his breathtaking hypocrisy, the Factor, 5/7/08